Künstlerinterview Gonzalo Garcia Callegari

Den Maler Gonzalo Garcia Callegari habe ich vor Kurzem auf Instagram entdeckt. Seine Bilder und Zeichnungen haben einen ganz eigenen und unverwechselbaren Stil und bewegen sich zwischen Comic und Malerei, phantasievollen Traumwelten und politischen Botschaften. Mich interessierte der Künstler hinter den Bildern und so bat ich Gonzalo, in einem kurzen Interview etwas über sich zu erzählen. Ich finde es immer wieder spannend, genauer hinzuschauen und zu fragen, wer die Künstler hinter den vielen Instagram-Posts sind. Was bewegt sie? Wie kamen sie zur Kunst? Was sind ihre persönlichen Herausforderungen?

Kunst hat nicht überall auf der Welt den gleichen Stellenwert wie bei uns. Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Vergnügen bei dieser Künstlerentdeckung aus Perú! Mehr Kunst von Gonzalo finden Sie auf seiner Homepage und auf Instagram.


Name: Gonzalo Garcia Callegari
Alter: 49 Ausbildung: Bachelor in Arts (Universidad Católica del Perú) Wohnort: Lima, Perú


What is your inspiration?

Everything around me: Good music, good books, movies, internet, other artists, culture in general, everyday news, art history, etc.

How did you find to art?

My first approach to art was through comic books, that I started collecting since I was 5 or 6 years old. The drawings and the story and the colors fascinated me and they still do.

How would you describe your artistic style?

That’s difficult to say. I think it’s mainly figurative, with some touches of other styles, like surrealism, symbolism and a lot of irony.

Are you a full time artist?

Yes, I do art 24/7. Even when I’m sleeping I dream about art.

What does art mean for you?

Everything. Without art I would go crazy in this crazy world we’re living in.

What do you like most about your work?

That I can make reality what I imagine. At least I try, and it’s a fun process.

Do you sell your artwork?

It’s difficult to sell, but yes, I live of my art.

Do you have an exhibition at the moment?

All the exhibitions and art fairs I planned for this year have been canceled because of the pandemic. Hopefully next year I’ll be able to exhibit again.

What is the biggest challenge for your as an artist in your country?

Where I live the majority of people are not interested in art. We are a country with so many problems that culture is not a priority. Only a very, very small group of people consumes art and consider it important. So it’s frustrating to work with so much against you.

What is your greatest motivation to continue doing art in Perú?

I would say that artists have an inner force or energy that just pushes them to do what they do. It's difficult to explain, I really don't know where that motivation comes from. But it just keeps me going on and on and never stop.